Gillion Rail Freight Forwarding System covers all operation process on railway, road and warehousing operations related to railway transportation, it effectively satisfies business operation, market, finance and management needs. It also applies to door-to-door and point-to-point logistics with respect to general chemicals and dangerous chemicals in containers, tank containers, railway tanks and road tanks to provide a complete information-defined platform for modern logistics enterprises.


1. A complete and comprehensive operation flows applicable to railway and road transport

2. Easy operation

3. Real time interaction among all stakeholder parties

4. Centralized data and reporting system

5. Billing system integrated rate, and expenses and financial performance

6. Control panel with all necessary business and financial results

7. Intelligent data entry system & AI powered document processing system

8. Convenient and comprehensive expense system 

9. Flexible and customized operation flow allowed

10. Control panel to perform all business and operation reports

11. Link with all parties in whole process, seamless interact within all stakeholders  

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